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A new beginning unfolds when a child first steps into school. At Chiltern House we believe in making this start a fun and formative one – a foundation that sparks a difference for life.

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Connect with us to learn how we will provide your child with an excellent preschool education and ensure they are armed with all the skills they need for a strong foundation in primary school and beyond.

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Chiltern House Preschool offers full-day and half-day programmes for children between ages of 18 months and 6 years old.

  • Qualified educators
  • Small teacher-to-child ratio
  • Carefully structured curriculum

What our
parents say:

Parents of Dylan Tay



“We knew Ann from before when she taught our older daughter for Nursery 1 and were more than happy to learn that she would be teaching the Pre-Nursery programme this year. Our son has benefitted tremendously from this programme. He has displayed a great improvement in his speech and independence. We strongly believe that the programme, together with the enthusiasm of the teachers has resulted in this developmental leap and we look forward to him achieving more milestones!”

Daddy of Miguel K1 and Piaget N2



“Project Project!, which happens to my elder boy’s favourite thing at Chiltern House, revolves around the creation of project work stemming from a term-based them. It allows the kids to have some hands-on experience in making their own little art projects which are consolidated to form part of a bigger story revolving around the theme. One of the greatest pull factors is perhaps how fictional things read in the book can be made into tangible products.

The full-day programme has been carefully thought through and is definitely one to embrace. I’m glad I’ve placed my boys in this programme.”

Daddy of Kashvi K2



“We’ve seen her grow in confidence over the year, really getting into reading on her own, her expression in art and her social interactions. Much of her enjoyment has come from the full-day programme she attends.

She has enjoyed attending school and has been especially excited on days when the full-day programme offers Kids Moov, Project Project! and Creative Writing.”

Parents of Eyan K1



“Thank you Chiltern House for an incredible early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches at all steps of the day. We cannot imagine how we would have coped without knowing that he is in a safe, fun place every day. Thank you for giving Eyan a wonderful home away from home and supporting our family in your loving ways.”

Language. Imagination. Discovery.

We bring them into the magnificent worlds of literature, maths, science and arts.

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