A new beginning unfolds when a child first steps into school. At Chiltern House we believe in making this start a fun and formative one – a foundation that sparks a difference for life.

By bringing together the warmth and security of home with the stimulating and immersive experience of EduDrama, we spell a dramatic difference in how we nurture a child’s foundation.

Language. Imagination. Discovery. We bring them into the magnificent worlds of literature, maths, science and arts. Engaging each child to explore and participate in their own way, we inspire them to think independently and express themselves confidently.

Children are our delight. We are always in awe of their unique strengths and talents. We celebrate who they are now and marvel at the person they can be.

With parents as partners, we spark children’s natural curiosity into a love of learning and empower them with skills for life.


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The preschool years mark many significant milestones, for the children as well as the parents. We have a large number of educational specialists who are happy to share their expertise and answer any questions you may have.




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