Vision, Mission & Core Value

VISION The future we wish to create.
The combination of the nurturing qualities of home and EduDrama is our dramatic difference. We believe that every child who experiences the Chiltern House learning journey will stand out as a confident, unique individual with a strong foundation for primary school and beyond.Excellence in Education


MISSION How we work towards fulfilling our vision in the day-to-day.
EMPOWERING CHILDREN’S LEARNING through dramatically different education

VALUES The belief system that guides our behaviour and how we communicate with stakeholders.

We work best in tandem: teachers collaborating, parents as partners, students and teachers in synergy. We believe it is relationships that not only make us learn more, but make learning fun and worthwhile.
Holistic Education
With EduDrama, we engage children holistically, nurturing their social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. Our comprehensive curriculum and quality interaction with every child allows them to learn through integrated experiences.
We care for each other like family. We look out for each other’s well being and encourage each other to pursue their happiness. Like parents, we protect the magic of childhood and let children enjoy being children.
We pursue excellence in education to remain effective and responsive to the changing needs of students and parents. Because we know that our thoughts and actions make a difference in a child’s foundation, we are inspired to learn constantly and be the best that we can be.

Ask an expert

The preschool years mark many significant milestones, for the children as well as the parents. We have a large number of educational specialists who are happy to share their expertise and answer any questions you may have.




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