Pre-nursery in Chiltern House is a 5-day independent programme. It enrols children from the age of 18 months onwards. Children in this programme will be introduced to a variety of experiences structured to guide them through their developmental milestones. Activities planned as well as the equipment used are designed to help the children develop their social-emotional, self-help, sensory, motor development and cognitive skills. 

Chiltern House Nursery 1 is a bilingual programme for children who are turning three the year they are admitted to the level. The programme is a 3½ hour independent programme which children attend daily. Each Nursery 1 class has an English and a Mandarin teacher and both English and Mandarin are incorporated into the daily activities and routines.

Chiltern House Nursery 2 is for children who are turning four. The class is run by an English teacher and a support teacher and Mandarin classes are conducted by visiting Mandarin teachers for an hour daily.

Chiltern House Kindergarten 1 is for children between the ages of four and five. Each class is run by an English teacher and a teaching assistant with the Mandarin classes conducted by visiting teachers.

Chiltern House Kindergarten 2 is for children between the ages of five and six. Each class is run by an English teacher and a teaching assistant. Mandarin classes in Kindergarten 2 are conducted for an hour daily.


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